Project Description


Nokia – Hajj Navigation

For the Great Mosque of Mecca, we have created an interactive experience that helps visitors to access landmarks, services, and facilities around the Great Mosque. Visitors are being guided to the gates of the Great Mosque, Zamzam water points, Pharmacies, adjacent restaurants and more. In addition to that, the app provides content for some POIs that gives more explanation and historical information about the landmarks in the form of text, links and videos.


  • create a guide for visitors in AR

  • Geobased POIs

  • Available in two languages (Arabic & English)

  • Content videos are at a stationary server in the area


  • Unity 3D

  • GPS based navigation

  • AR Foundation

  • Nokia Mobile Edge Computing


Visitors love the innovative way of AR wayfinding. It is a new opportunity to explore the area and visualize content in AR.