Project Description


Airbus – Cloudcombat

As part of the Non-Traditional-Player Initiative Airbus has partnered with Cloud Ararat and Augmentaio to develop a cloud-based drone operations management platform and Augmented Reality solution being able to simulate future FCAS elements not yet available physically. The combination of both approaches could in the future enable commanding and monitoring of real-life drone operations remotely, within an AR environment.


  • Realization of a military operational theatre as Holographic table using Microsoft Hololenses

  • Implementation of a military campaign showing FCAS

  • Live link to the cloud-based drone operations management platform

  • Multi user support


  • Hololens 2

  • Unity

  • Vuforia

  • Mixed Reality Toolkit


the benefits of FCAS (the Future Combat Air System by Airbus, Thales Group, Indra Sistemas and Dassault Aviation) are are clearly conveyed.
The User can interact and execute different operations directly on the table.