Linde FreezAR


In this project the end customer should be given the opportunity to get a picture of large industry freezers – not at Linde, but in the later real environment. This should help to quickly identify potential problems with respect to space, cabling and the pipelines for gases and liquids in order to respond accordingly in due time. In addition, the functions and sequences of the machines should be nicely animated.

  • Preparation of a CAD export with exact dimensions
  • Adding animations
  • Designing a UX solution for displaying collisions with real obstacles
  • App development for iOS tablets
    • Tutorial animation for positioning and scanning the image targets
    • AR-mode:
      • Rotate-Translate Gesten, scale factors
      • Animations: conveyor, shaking, gas distribution, freezing with particle systems, pizza and cheese cubes examples
    • VR-mode (Camera-Freeze)



  • Apple ARKit
  • Unity 2017
  • Vuforia SDK (Extended Tracking)
  • Blender 3D



  • Linde (UI und 3D Model)


Update (Iteration II)

With the release of Apple ARKit, a second version was created, which did not use marker tracking and allowed stable and true-to-scale positioning of the machine.