In the arabic country Qatar the preparations for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 work at full speed. In and around the capital city Doha modern soccer stadiums grow like mushrooms after the rain. Also logisticly it is a giant task to fulfill to direct thousands of soccer fans to their seats, food stands, taxi or other places. Augmentaio together with a local mobile telecom provider developed a demo of an indoor navigation app for stadium visitors. With Augmented Reality arrows superimposed over the camera feed shall direct visitors to their seats. Concession stands, toilets, taxis or your own parked car could be found similar easily this way. It is planned that users can order food, drinks and souvenirs via the app which will be delivered directly to their seat. A new level of comfort! Or you can buy these things for a friend who is in the stadium as well. But the user experience of the app reaches beyond the stadium. The app shows also nearby sights and explains the history of them. The video below gives a first impression of the app at the stadium on location. While construction workers are still at work you can see how the AR navigation will lead the visitors. Also here are some photos to give you an impression on this fascinating country at the Persian Gulf.

The press release in the Gulf Times: