AR-Recap 9th of August 2018: Magic Leap One, Sound Ghosts and Apples AR Windshield


Magic Leap’s AR headset is finally available

After what feels like years of hype and secrecy the Magic Leap One Creators Edition goes on sale. It costs $ 2,295 and is more targeted towards developers than consumers. The system includes the company’s Lightwear augmented-reality headset, a tiny Lightpack computer, and a controller. While anyone can order one, the price will likely limit it to early adopters, and it’s only available to ship to certain cities since the deal includes a hand delivery and a personal setup. Right now the apps for it are limited and aren’t on the same par as a giant whale jumping out of a gym floor (an early graphical tease from the company). There are only a few games currently out, though more should come as developers get their hands on the system. Magic Leap has a big vision for the future of spatial computing (AKA mixed reality). First reviews described it as comfortable to wear. The quality of the holograms are described to be on par with those from Microsoft HoloLens. So this won’t be the big AR revolution? Or will there be magic in the details? We will see. Unfortunately Magic Leap does not ship to Europe yet. More:


Tónandi: Sigur Rós collaborated with Magic Leap on a Sound and Visuals Experience

When you release a new piece of hardware of course  you need some content to showcase its highlights. So Magic Leap collaborated with the Icelandic art-rock band Sigur Rós to create a beautiful experience. Jellyfish-like creatures float through the air, glowing grass grows and other glowing abstract structures float around to the sound of lead singer Jónsi Birgisson’s signature bowed guitar or his soaring voice. Whatever you’re seeing, it isn’t just something pasted over my surroundings, but something that acknowledges those surroundings, and therefore seems more real. Each user of the app can have a different experience.

“Together (with Magic Leap) we have created a place in the here and now, where the ‘sound spirits’ of Sigur Rós’s music can be played with and altered using your hands.  a place where spatial sounds are visible all around you and ready to respond to every interaction. tónandi is a step into a new reality.” the band writes on their website.

“The Tónandi experience is more like hiking or scuba-diving in your house while also being surrounded by supernatural beings. It’s appealingly disorienting. By the end, the orchestration is sizzling — I can almost feel it — through my fingertips. When it’s over, I ask if I can go again.” Marc Hogan – Pitchfork

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Apple files patent for putting Augmented Reality on Car Windshields

A patent application filed by the company this month gives a glimpse into an intriguing product it may offer in the future: a smart windshield. While innovations detailed incorporate patents often don’t see the light of day, some of the ideas that Apple is exploring are interesting. Notably, its AR windshield may allow passengers in different vehicles to conduct FaceTime calls with each other. Another feature could use internal sensors to detect stress in drivers and passengers by monitoring eye motion, heart rate, body posture, etc. The AR windshield would then automatically adjust its display to potentially reduce stress, although it’s not clear from the patent how the display would accomplish this. More: