AR-Recap 21th of December 2018: Apple’s AR Flyover, the First AR Laptop and Best Wishes!

There are AR news from the tech giant that doesn’t want to make news: Apple was granted a patent today for an augmented reality viewing system to display 3D flyover data from Apple Maps onto a desk or any other flat surface from an iPhone. The app seems geared towards average consumers and shows a 3D-model of certain cities with labels, street names and other additional information. Users can interact with the model by walking closer, farther, left and right. Read more about it:


The first Augmented Reality Laptop is here! This unassuming-looking device is the first Windows laptop to combine augmented and virtual reality, making an experience that seems to burst from the screen.  When it launches (date TBD), zSpace is hoping to target the education and sie space with a surprisingly affordable price of $1,500. The magic is done by 4 head-tracking cameras that are located in the upper corners and another pair in the center. And by those glasses that look like 3D movie eyewear except for large gray dots lining the frame. Although the glasses utilize a passive form of VR and are necessary to the experience, the dots are the secret sauce. Acting as mini mocap trackers, they’re what the head tracking sensors in the laptop are actually using to monitor your head position. There are some demos that showcase the interactive AR experience. For example a butterfly app where the user can interact with each stage of a monarch butterfly’s development. Read more about it:,38279.html

The whole Augmentaio-Team wishes you a wonderful holiday season! No matter if you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukka, Winter Solstice or any other feast, have a great time with your loved ones! See you in 2019!